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Cheese Based Pro 88®

Nutritional Supplement, Attractant, and Treat for the swine and pet food industries

High Quality Protein            High Quality Milk Fat

Research shows that feeding milk nutrients improves feed intake, gain, and feed efficiency. However, worldwide demand for milk protein has made milk products expensive and unreliable.

Pro 88® provides an economical, reliable source of high quality milk nutrients for superior performance to corn/soy diets.


  • Loaded with milk protein, with a similar amino acid profile to skim milk
  • Cheese brings your pigs to feed quickly and helps young pigs transition fast from sow's milk to dry feed
  • Milk fat starts young pigs faster, providing 25 percent more energy than skim milk
  • Used in the starter ration for early wean pigs eases the transition from sow's milk to grain-based diets in cost effective manner
  • Low temperature dried, which leaves milk nutrients unaltered and highly digestible by pigs and sows
  • Mixes easily and handles better than milk products in conventional feeding equipment


Dried Cheese Product, Soyflour


Crude Protein: 40% minimum
Crude Fat: 18% minimum
Moisture: 10% minimum

AMINO ACID PROFILE (data received April 2016 from Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, New Ulm, MN):

Moisture 6.12%

Cysteine 0.4500%

Methionine 0.7780%

Lysine 2.989%

Alanine 1.712%

Arginine 2.417%

Aspartic Acid 4.094%

Glutamic Acid 8.121%

Glycine 1.355%

Isoleucine 2.028%

Leucine 3.754%

Serine 2.168%

Threonine 1.605%

Valine 2.330%

Histidine 1.173%

Phenylalanine 2.210%

Tyrosine 1.882%

Taurine <0.01%

Tryptophan 0.6030%

Ash 6.67%

Calcium 0.74%

Fat, Ethyl Ether 20.59%

Fiber, Crude 2.35%

Metabolizable Energy (ME) 4.52 Kcal/g

Phosphorus 0.8189%

Potassium 1.34%

Protein N x 6.25 43.40%

Sodium 0.89%